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Emergency Services

All personnel interested in participating as a member of aircrew, or even ground or staff at SAREX's must complete the following items,prior to beginning official training as a Mission Scanner, Ground Team 3 or Mission Staff Assistant - the three "entry" levels of Emergency Services:
CAP 116
CAP 117, parts 1 and 2 initially, later part 3
and later,

To take or link to these courses, go to this link:


Then go down the page to the OPERATIONS area.  You will find the 116/117 stuff on the right side and the FEMA link on the left side.

Taking, and passing, the 116/117 courses will automatically be entered into your Operations Qualifications 101 Card for Emergency Services work.  When you take the FEMA courses, save the Certificate to your computer and email a copy of it, as an attachment, to Doug Taggart at ttcsopsguy@gmail.com so he can enter it into your records.



The Mission Scanner is the "entry level" qualification for aerial Search & Rescue in CAP. 
It's completion, following Trainee Status on two training flights, becomes the stepping stone to other parts of the Emergency Services qualifications procedures. 
Thank you to the California Wing for the use of their two-part on-line Mission Scanner Training Course.

Mission Scanner Part 1

Mission Scanner Part 2

WMU Availablity

New to the flight crew thing?

  You will receive emails about Search and Rescue Exercises (SAREX) or the real thing.  Each are handled essentially the same through the Incident Command System.  Your participation is crucial for the success of the mission.  So lets start with the basics.  The Incident Commander (IC) needs to know what his/her resources are.  You are an essential resource in any mission.  You need to let them know WHEN you are available.  So.....you need to goto the WMU and login.  Next click on "MEMBER", then "MY AVAILABILITY".  You will be on a page for entering your availability for the mission.  Click on a particular date (on the left side calendar) and it will autopopulate on the right side of the screen.  Next enter the times you are available.  The email you received should have instructions for what additional info may be required under notes (ie Mission Name).  Repeat the calendar steps for each day you are available.  Read the emails for any additonal requirements.  Now, the Incident Commander can plan the mission according to what resources are available and when. 

If you have additional requests for how to do something in CAP, shoot an email with what your request is and we will get it up as soon as we can. 

Some Useful Links

CAP Emergency Services Resources

CAP Gridded Sectionals

Truckee CAP was involved in one of the largest searches in history.  Our unit flew many missions in the search for famed aviator Steve Fossett. Here are two Press Releases with pictures from those missions.

Release 1        Release 2





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